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Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia

By on April 19, 2014 in General

The drive from Sibu to Mukah took just over three hours.

Mukah is not a large town, it is on the coast and it does have an airport.

The local beach is quite stunning. Mile upon mile of sand…

P1130634Beach just outside of Mukah


P1130636Weather was slightly murky

P1130639Sand balls made by crabs (the crabs live in the holes)

However, the beach, and the surrounding land, does seem to be a bit of a dumping ground of rubbish….

P1130640Road down to the beach – it was covered in small pieces of plastic from broken bottles

P1130642Bottles and rubbish dumped in the undergrowth near the beach




The local airport…

P1130648Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia airport

Originally the town had a sago factory but as the price of sago fell in the early 20th century the factory closed and all that now remains is the chimney.

P1130651Mukah sago factory chimney

There is also a small Chinese temple near the former site of the sago factory.



The town of Mukah is set back a little from the coast on a river.

P1130652Looking down the river from Mukah towards the sea




P1130664Why bother?

Like any Malaysian town Mukah has a market which sells pretty much anything….


P1130669Baby sharks? Or a full grown small species?

Something I have not really seen in Malaysia that often – hairy coconuts….


P1130671Dried fish

P1130672Mountains of dried fish…

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