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Does Singapore (Changi) airport have free WiFi?

By on May 30, 2014 in Singapore

Singapore (Changi) airport has free WiFi. Well, I think it does… But I am not sure…

At the Airport you will see #WiFi@Changi listed as an open WiFi.  You can join it, and when you do you get a welcome screen asking for your mobile phone number so they can send you an ‘activation’ code.

I have tried typing my Malaysian phone number into the boxes on the page in every conceivable format, the country code with +, the country code without the *, spaces in the phone number, and no spaces, and I have never received an ‘activation’ code. Great system guys!!!

Makes you wonder why they bother? I guess it means the WiFi system never gets overloaded. And I am sure when I first tried to use WiFi at the airport a couple of years ago there was none of this phone number business? Maybe it is all a con to harvest phone numbers? Who knows? It certainly isn’t a way to gain access to the WiFi!

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