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Cuckoo – the best Irish band in Austria… In the Cave Bar

By on January 4, 2015 in Austria

Down at the Cave Bar in Niederau listening to the “best Irish band in Austria.” Apparently, they are here every Sunday night. The band is not too bad… Typical ski resort band. Interesting REM cover. A sort of REM with an Irish music backing. Quite weird. Not particularly Irish.

Best Irish Band in Austria

Cuckoo – the best Irish band in Austria?

The band did a 30-minute set and then vanished for 30 minutes, before coming back for their second set, of also around 30 minutes.

Interestingly there was a distinct segregation within the bar with the “younger” crowd hanging out around the corner away from the live music.

The Cave Bar is OK. Beer is €3.50 for 500 ml (a pint) so not bad. The bar is a bit weird in that it is done out like a cave (hence the name!). The place wasn’t exactly packed out, so I guess the best Irish band in Austria isn’t exactly much of a pull.

The bar is also the “best late bar and nightclub” (in fact the only “nightclub”) in Niederau.

Ray, the barman, despite his green bobble hat and liking for blondes, is a likeable chap and gave good service. Ray also seemed to be the DJ running the post-Cuckoo music… The post-band music was rather random with requests from the customers.

The Cave Bar - "best late bar and nightclub in Niederau" (in fact the only "nightclub" in Niederau)

The Cave Bar – “best late bar and nightclub in Niederau” (in fact the only “nightclub” in Niederau)

One thing that is odd, being a Brit, is the fact that there are people smoking in the bar. (Smoking is not allowed in UK bars.)

Think I will be back for the Elvis night!!

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