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Skiers and boarders at Park City and lift safety bars…

By on February 15, 2015 in USA

This was something odd that occurred today, and I have never really encountered before, the boarders and skiers at Park City seem to have a complete dislike of safety bars on lifts. Why? They are there for a reason folks!!

I noticed it fairly early on in the day that the lift bar unless I did something about it, took a long time to be lowered as we left the lift station. Even more worrying it was being raised far too early as we approached the top and on some occasions, I refused to remove my feet from the foot rest as I felt it was far too early to lift the bar.

In the afternoon I decided to conduct an experiment in which I didn’t touch the bar. On some occasions, it never got lowered (that completely freaked me out) and more often than not the bar was raised far too early as we approached the top station.

The problem at Park City may be the large number of old lifts as quite a few of them have no safety bars at all, and I guess skiers get used to not having the bars.

Considering the U.S. is such a safety conscious country in which you will get sued for serving coffee too hot it surprises that Park City ski area are not insisting safety bars are lowered and used correctly.

Come on folks; those bars are there for a reason…. Use them!

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