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Skiers and boarders at Canyons Ski area and lift safety bars…

By on February 16, 2015 in USA

Yesterday I posted a blog about skiers and boarders at Park City Ski Area not using safety bars on lifts – well, the same is true at Canyons Ski Area.

At Canyons, I had the opportunity to do a highly non-scientific survey of chair lift safety bar usage as one of the lifts – Timberline – that carries passengers in both directions between two different area of the resort. From riding this lift three times, I was able to observe other passengers coming towards me, and I would estimate that between 80 to 90% of skiers and boarders were not using safety bar. Why? What is the cause of the dislike of the safety bar?

One other thing I have noticed is the habit, when the safety bar is used, of raising it far too early as the chair approaches the top station. Again, why? The bar should only be raised just before the chair enters the station. In a number is European ski resorts they have ‘landing lights’ in the landing area that show red as you approach and green for when to raise the bar.

A final thing I should add. I have skied in lots of places in Europe, and the U.S. (New England, Colorado, and Montana), and in Australia and New Zealand, and it has only been in Utah that I have seen this consistent failure to use the safety bar. Very odd.

If you have any insight into this safety bar issue, then I would love to hear from you. Please email me or leave a message below.

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