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Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA2

By on March 23, 2015 in Malaysia

I finally got into my nap room at the Plaza Premium Lounge last night after a 20-minute delay due to the staff being unable to locate my reservation, even after I showed them an email confirming it. In fact, they never did find my reservation and I had to produce a credit card to secure the room.

The room was small, very small.

My 'nap room' in the Plaza Premium Lounge

My ‘nap room’ in the Plaza Premium Lounge

In fact, to get a shot of it I had to take a panorama, hence the very short looking bed – the bed was a normal sized single bed.

Very small (nothing wrong with that) 'nap room' in the Plaza Premium Lounge

Very small (nothing wrong with that) ‘nap room’ in the Plaza Premium Lounge

However, it had everything I required – a bed and a bathroom. Seemed perfect, but sadly it wasn’t.

Problems with the room

The size of the room wasn’t an issue. In fact, I have often wondered why most hotels have such big rooms. The problems were the bed and the noise.

The noise

I can’t recall ever staying in such a noisy room – the closest would be a cabin I once had on an overnight on a ferry.

In the Plaza Premium Lounge nap room, it was air conditioner and air handling plant that was noisy. It sounded like I was sleeping in a wind tunnel. It was unbelievably noisy, plus the sound kept changing with various hums and rattles added in, and it was those changes that kept waking me up. Plus, there was no way to turn it off. I did discover, around 2 am, that one of the whistling noises could be stopped by opening the bathroom door. (Go figure!)

Another ‘sound problem’ was caused by the fact that Plaza Premium Lounge is a place where airport travellers stay, so room doors were opening and closing all night, and they are big heavy doors and boy did they bang.

Now, I am not a light sleeper, and I can normally fall asleep anywhere. I have slept on trains, on planes, on ships, in meetings, and in cars. But in this room it was impossible to get to sleep, and it was not only the noise that was any issue, the bed wasn’t great.

The bed

It was a good quality mattress (Slumberland), but the hard base below the mattress (i.e. a lack of a box spring) made it feel hard. Plus, the bed was ‘hot’ and this seemed to be caused by the mattress protector that was fitted.

To me a ‘hot’ bed is one that is overloaded with synthetics (in this case the mattress protector) so it doesn’t dissipate body heat at the point of contact between the sleeper and the bed, hence the bed feels hot and uncomfortable, even with no covers.

An additional problem with the bed was the positioning of a small shelf, which was just in the right place to connect with hands, arms, elbows and on one occasion the side of my head. Ouch!

A shelf ideally positioned to bang elbows and heads - Plaza Premium Lounge

A shelf ideally positioned to bang elbows and heads – Plaza Premium Lounge

No sleep

So, the combination of the noisy air handling unit, the hot mattress, and banging body parts on a shelf, meant that I basically didn’t get any sleep. Not good.

The good

One exceptionally good point about the room was the rainfall shower. The shower was fantastic and changed what could have been a truly horrible stay into just a very poor experience. Another plus is the location, it is very convenient for the airport as it is in the airport and I was at the checkin desk within 10 minutes of leaving my room.


This was the first time I had stayed in a ‘nap’ room and although the concept is good, i.e. a room in which a weary traveller can have a short stay and refresh themselves and also be close to the airport for an early checkin, unfortunately, in the case of Plaza Premium Lounges, this concept was poorly executed. They should have a look at the Premier Inn at Gatwick Airport UK to see how an airport hotel can be done.

Update: As if to prove the point about my sleeping abilities I had a pretty good 90 minute nap on a plane…….

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