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The Malacca Riverside, Malacca, Malaysia

By on June 4, 2015 in Malaysia

After our lunch at the Riverside Kopitiam, we continued to explore the river area in Malacca, Malaysia and were pleasantly surprised to find a nice walk along the Malacca Riverside that took in some interesting places, and allowed us to look at a pretty amazing piece of artwork that runs along the houses.

I really liked the chimes and the rope, almost coiled like a snake, on an old dead tree in the river.

Riverside Malacca

Riverside, Malacca, Malaysia

The start of the route along the river.

The Malacca riverside walk

The Malacca riverside walk

There was a surprising amount of traffic on the river – mainly tourist boats.

Artwork Riverside Malacca

Tourist boats on the river

The colourfulness of the houses was quite amazing.

The Malacca riverside walk - tourist boats

More tourist boats

Street Art - Malacca riverside walk

Street Art – Malacca

Street Art - Malacca riverside walk

More artwork on the Malacca riverside

Street art on the Malacca riverside walk

Sadly some of the art work is slowly being damaged by the weather.

Malacca riverside walk Art work

But most of it still looks as fresh and bright as the day it was painted.

Riverside Malacca Paintings

And as we left the river we came across an almost ‘Banksy-like’ picture near an old unused well…

By the well - artwork Riverside Malacca

The well

Along one stretch of the river, there was an old run down section of the town that was very overgrown and yet was still occupied.

Living by the river Riverside Malacca

Shanty town Riverside Malacca

Other accommodation Riverside Malacca

My favourite building in the old section of town was the ‘waterfall’ tree…

Tree house Riverside Malacca

Tree house on Malacca Riverside

If you have time a walk along the river, away from the centre of Malacca, is worth the effort as you will get to see some stunning and colourful street art.

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