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Date Day Restaurant 日溢中西美食, Hong Kong

By on September 5, 2015 in Hong Kong, Travel Tip

Trying to find somewhere to eat out, especially after you’ve had a long hard hot day exploring a city, can be tricky and in such circumstances I typically turn to either Foursquare or Google, to suggest a local dining place.

My rules the eating when travelling are:

  1. Try to eat local – that is, find a local restaurant and try the food.
  2. Avoid tourist traps – if the place is full of fellow travellers then I tend to avoid it.
  3. Go somewhere that is busy – if they’re busy they a turning over food, and you’re less likely to pick up food poisoning.
  4. Follow your nose – I’ve found some great places to eat by following the smell wafting down the street.
  5. See what the people are ordering and eating, and go for the same.
  6. If you really can’t find anywhere ‘local’ to eat then go for one of the “branded” places such as McDonald’s or Starbucks. Yes, I know this is not great, but at least you know what you going to get.

So using a combination of Foursquare and Google I found the Date Day Restaurant 日溢中西美食, and it took a bit of finding due to the position being wrong on the maps, and also my inability to locate the building number.

The Date Day Restaurant 日溢中西美食  Hit 1 to 3 in the above list, and once I was inside the smell was pretty good (so I guess it also hit number 4). I had a look around at what the other customers were eating, and it seemed to be a wide range of things, so I just picked from the menu by pointing.

Date Day Restaurant 日溢中西美食, Hong Kong

Date Day Restaurant 日溢中西美食, Hong Kong

When my food arrived it looked a little disappointing (see photo below), however, what it lacked in looks was more than made up for by the taste…

Beef with black beans, with hot lemon tea - Date Day Restaurant 日溢中西美食, Hong Kong

Beef with black beans, with hot lemon tea – Date Day Restaurant 日溢中西美食, Hong Kong

What I had was beef with black beans, with hot lemon tea to drink – total cost 71HKD (£6.50 GBP; $9 USD). It was relatively cheap (I found Hong Kong to be expensive), and very tasty.

FourSquare: Date Day Restaurant 日溢中西美食

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