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Hong Kong Street Photos – a collection of photos of Hong Kong

By on September 5, 2015 in Hong Kong

One thing I really liked about Hong Kong was that it is a great place to wander around if you like taking photos. It’s great for architectural shots, cityscapes, and fantastic for street photography. You never seem to have to go far before you encounter something new and interesting to photograph.

Below is a collection of shots I took of the architecture and neon lights while I wandered through the streets of Hong Kong. I like to view these as a collection of  ‘Hong Kong Street Photos’.

Stunning street canyons between the building.

And a real mix of the new and the old.

But as you will find in a lot of cities the car is now King and it gets priority over pedestrians.

Hong Kong solves the ‘Car is King’  problem by using elevated walkways. This often means you can’t take the direct route between two points, and on a number of occasions I passed the thing I was trying to get to as it was below a walkway.

The canyons between the building, which block GPS signals, and the 3D nature of walking around Hong Kong (there is often more than one ‘street level’ coming in to play) makes navigation a real challenge.

Love the reflections of the clouds in these buildings in the next photo.

Occasionally you do coming across a piece of old ’empire’ architecture, and the harbour clock tower is a fine example. In its day the clock tower must have seemed very tall, however, it is now dwarfed by the surrounding towers.

The main shopping streets are chaotic and noisy with a real mix of building styles.

And as soon as it gets dark the streets becoming a flickering mass of brightly coloured neon lights vying for your attention.

Loved the neon lights….

There are some stunning cityscapes in Hong Kong, along with some striking buildings.

Again, the reflections of the blue sky and clouds.  Magical.

When you are in Hong Kong don’t forget to take time to stop and look up. Take some time to soak in the architecture of the city.  The mix of the old and the new. A stunning looking place…

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