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Sellers of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

By on September 9, 2015 in Vietnam

Wherever I went in Ha Long Bay there was somebody trying to sell me something. Sometimes it was souvenirs such as seashells, other times it was snacks and freshwater, and occasionally hot snacks and food.

The drinks sold by these sellers were cheaper than on board the boat – where Glory Cruises charged for all drinks, including water, at marked up prices – but were still more expensive than in Hanoi.

The Glory Cruises boat had signs on it telling sellers not to approach – but these were always ignored, and the crew seemed to tolerate the small boats of the sellers being moored alongside.

Sellers Ha Long Bay

The seller pictured below was remarkably persistent and she chased our boat from one bay to the next in an attempt to sell us some sea shells.

Sellers Ha Long Bay Shells

Here you can see her, with her small children, having retreated to the shoreside. I thought that would be the last we would see her, but she popped up again at the next place we anchored.

Shell Seller Ha Long Bay

Snack Drink Seller Ha Log Bay

Drink Seller Ha Long Bay

Floating Shop Ha Long Bay

Fresh Fish Ha Long Bay

I guess this is what all the former residents of the floating fishing villages of Ha Long Bay now do to make a living. There is certainly a need for them, particularly the drinks and snack sellers, as the markup on drinks on board the Glory Cruises boat were excessive.

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